Trade and Development

Master Module (MW 25.2)
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Lecture: Wednesdays, 10-12 a.m. starting 05.4.23, SR 317 (Carl-Zeiss-Str 3)

Exercise: Thursdays, 12-2 p.m. starting 20.04.23, SR 207 (Carl-Zeiss-Str 3)

Please register for both the lecture and the exercise on Friedolin and formally register for the exam of this course via Friedolin. If you register for the exercise on Friedolin, you will be automatically assigned to the Moodle Room You will be able to drop out of this class by notifying us until the submission deadline of the Learning Diary.

If you miss to resign, you will be graded even if you have not handed in your learning diary and/or participated in the Single Choice test. For dropping out, please email Moritz Wolf (, with Anett Dörfler [] in CC).


International trade policy, globalisation, development problems, development theory and development policy.

Organizational Matters
  •  Method of teaching: lectures; exercises
  •  Compulsory within the study programmes of Economics (M.Sc., M.Ec.) in the subject major "World Economy", elective within the study programmes of Business Administration (M.Sc.), Business and Economic Education (M.Sc.)
  •  6 ECTS, Code: MW 25.2
Course materials

All materials and further information will be provided on Moodle ( link).


The examination in the course Public Choice will take place in two separate examination parts where each will make up 50 percent of the final grade each: A Learning Diary (1000 words) and a Single Choice test (30 minutes). For further information regarding the examination please consult Moodle.

To pass the course, students need an average of 4.0 from the Learning Diary and Single Choice test combined. Not submitting the learning diary or not participating in the Single Choice test will let to the respective part of the examination being graded with a 5.0.

There will be no re-take of the exam. 

Main Exam

Date: Monday, 24.07.2023, 8-10 Uhr in SR 113

Registration: Via Friedolin

Review: TBA


There will be no re-take of the exam.