Trade and Development

Master Module (MW 25.2)
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General Information:

Lecture: Wednesdays, 10.15-11.45 a.m. starting 12.4.21

Exercise: Thursdays, 12.15-13.45 p.m. starting 30.4.20

Due to the ongoing constraints caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, all courses of the Chair for Economic Policy during the summer semester 2021 will be hold online only.

Please consult the Chair’s webpage and the Moodle rooms regularly to be updated about the organization of the courses and all announcements regarding deadlines, examination requirements etc. 


The lecture will be organized online. Each Wednesday during the original lecture hours, Prof. Freytag will hold his lecture via Zoom.

The exercise will be organized online. Each Thursday during the original exercise hours, Mr. Dörffel will hold the exercise lessons via Zoom.

Please register for both the lecture and the exercise on Friedolin.

Please formally register for the exam of this course via Friedolin. 


The lecture slides will be uploaded to the exercise Moodle Room.

The exercise sheets will be uploaded into the exercise Moodle Room.

The exercise slides with sample solutions for the tasks from the exercise sheets will be uploaded into the exercise Moodle Rom.

If you register for the exercise on Friedolin, you will be automatically assigned to the Moodle Room 


The examination in the course Trade and Development will take place in two separate examination parts where each will make up 50 percent of the final grade each:

1. Learning Diary (50%)

The Learning Diary will have a length of 1000 words, Times New Roman, 12pt, 1.5 line spacing.

Its first half will be a summary of the contents of the lecture, the second part will be the discussion of a question that we provide or a reflection of additional literature and how it related to the contents of the lecture.

The tasks for the Learning Diary will be announced via the Moodle Room on May 24th, 2021.

The submission will be possible via a submission field in the Moodle Room. The submission deadline for the Learning Diary will be May 31st, 2021 23:59 p.m. CEST.

2. Multiple Choice test (50%)

During the exam period, there will be a 30-minute online test conducted via Moodle.

The test will consist of 15 multiple choice questions.

The date for the exam will be announced as soon as possible.

Further information concerning the process of the exam will be provided in the lecture and during the exercise classes. We ensure that all information is given with due time ahead.

Extra Points: Additionally, to the two examination parts, you will be able to gather extra points for passing quizzes during the semester.

There will be five quizzes consisting of three multiple choice questions each that will test the understanding of the content of the lecture.

The tests will be provided in the Moodle Room and open for one week each. It is up to the students to participate in the tests on time.

Each student has one attempt for each quiz. The time limit for the test is 10 minutes.

For passing a test, you need to answer at least one question correctly. For each passed quiz you will be awarded with one extra point.

The points gathered from the quizzes will be added to the points achieved in the two before-mentioned examination parts (Learning Diary and Multiple Choice test)


Further Information

You will be able to drop out of this class by notifying us until the submission deadline of the Learning Diary.

If you miss to resign, you will be graded even if you have not handed in your learning diary and/or participated in the Multiple Choice test. For dropping out, please send an email to Christoph Dörffel (, with Anett Dörfler [] in CC).

To pass the course, students need an average of 4.0 from the Learning Diary and Multiple Choice test combined. Not submitting the learning diary or not participating in the Multiple Choice test will let to the respective part of the examination being graded with a 5.0.

There will be no re-take of the exam. 


In the exercise classes, we will provide exercise questions and a discussion of sample solutions. The exercise questions address contents from the lecture and additional background information. We might provide additional material, e.g. academic papers, videos, podcasts, blog entries, textbook sections on Moodle to complement the contents of the lecture.

All content of the exercise classes is important to understand the lecture and prepare for the Learning Diary and Multiple Choice test. Therefore, we recommend engaging with the exercises on weekly basis. 


In the week before the Learning Diary submission, Prof. Freytag will offer a consultation hour for students via Zoom. The specific date and time will be announced via Moodle. Students must register for the consultation via a Zoom-Link that we will post on Moodle. 

In case of further questions, please consult Christoph Dörffel (; consultation hours upon request).

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International trade policy, globalisation, development problems, development theory and development policy.

Organizational Matters Show content
  • Teaching method: Lectures; exercises
  • Compulsory within the study programmes of Economics (M.Sc., M.Ec.) in the subject major "World Economy", elective within the study programmes of Business Administration (M.Sc.), Business and Economic Education (M.Sc.)
  • 6 ECTS, Code: MW25.2
  • Offered annually, summer term
  • 60-minutes written examination
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All other materials will be uploaded on Moodle.

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Main Exam

Date: TBA

Registration: Via Friedolin

Review: TBA


Date: TBA

Registration: Via Friedolin

Review: TBA


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