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Doctoral Dissertations

  • Dr. Bianka Dettmer (2013): 'International Trade in Producer Services'

  • Dr. Leo Wangler (2011): 'Political Economy of Climate Policy'

  • Dr. Angela Münch (2011): 'The Interdependence between Biodiversity and Socio-economic Variables on a Local and Regional level'

  • Dr. Mark Hoffmann (2010): 'Anforderungen von Unternehmen an Absolventen wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Bachelor-Studiengänge. Entscheidungstheoretische Analyse und empirische Evidenz'

  • Dr. Ljubica Nedelkoska (2010): 'Human Capital in Transition: On the Changing Skill Requirements and Skill Transferability'

  • Dr. Sebastian von Engelhardt (2010):'Coexisting Intellectual Property Right Regimes: the Case of Open and Closed Source Software'

  • Dr. Christoph Vietze (2010): 'Determinants of Tourism and its Potential for Sustainable Economic Development: Empirical Evidence'

  • Dr. Klaus Winkler (2006): 'Negotiations with Asymmetrical Distribution of Power - Conclusions from Dispute Resolution in Network Industries'